My Place Germantown

209 East Price Street
Philadelphia PA 19144

Phone: 215-848-2892

Fax: 215-848-1108

Postal Address:
My Place Germantown
P.O. Box 12218
Philadelphia PA 19144

Jeffrey Williamson


young volunteers enjoying breakfast together

Volunteers do important work at My Place Germantown

Organizations contributing gifts for the residents have included St. Therese Prayer Group,
the Episcopal Mission Center, Ozinam Scholars from St. John's University,
St. Vincent DePaul Parish, and the Merion Mercy Academy.

The O'Grady family contributed extensively to the landscaping of the property.
Their plantings continue to enhance the flower bed and their arbor contribution is thriving.

The St. Vincent dePaul Young Adult Center contributes High School and
College students on a regular basis. These students interact with the residents
and appreciate the life stories the men offer.